Mumbai Streaming Attack

17:00 - 20:00, June 2, 2004
Opening night performance, Otto-Wagner Pavillion, Karlsplatz
Free Bitflows. Public netbase. Vienna

32 tramlines.32 tramjammers.
Networked Streaming Audio Performance
A multi-track-multi-driver mix hub streaming jam session of Vienna city vibe, orchestrated in sync with the city’s tram routing schedule.

D J N O 1 2 5 6 9 10 18 21 25 26 31 33 37 38 40 41 42 43 44 46 49 52 58 60 62 65 67 71

Each driver/jammer conceives and collects soundfiles for a chosen tram route, join together on location and online to perform collective impression of Vienna city limits, whose tramlines connectivity forms the city's transport mainframe.

Along each tram route, personal, social and political association are considered for the composition of the specific sound files. Local sound artists, hackers, jammers are invited to “drive” and “mix” the (sound)tracks.

The city's tram info broadcast cuts in to inform the happenings by minute as the trams cabled through the cities.

TRAMJAM also extends its programming to involve the city's mobile community. Through mobile devices, the transporting public are invited to send in voice/sound/texts messages for the mix.

The live performance is streamed live on the internet and on local radio. We invite the travelling public to listen in with their travelling radio. The orchestration of the tramlines/tramtracks is self-directed syncopation with open source soundfiles that are access to all participants.

Mumbai Streaming Attack is a networked performance study group currently based at SNM/HGKZ in Zurich. The group first performed TRAMJAM-ZURICH RUSHHOUR for broadcast at (Berlin) in February, 2004. The group's members expand to include local participants for each tram city performance.

TRAMJAM-VIENNA RUSHHOUR is an ExStream artist-in-residency project at Public Netbase. The Vienna performance is supported by Studienbereich Neue Medien HGKZ ZÙrich,Vienna Noise Orchestra,and Visuelle Mediengestaltung der UniversitSÿt fÙr angewandte Kunst in Wien.

Radio: Orange 94.0 das freie Radio in Wien

we invite Vienna public to join us by listening in and calling in from tramrides during Vienna tramjam rushhour.

special thanks to Wienerlinien Vienna

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